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SENSI Insert Pads (GoInsert - Extra Long 59cm)

SENSI Insert Pads (GoInsert - Extra Long 59cm)

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Urinary incontinence is a condition where a person is unable to hold in urinating and therefore wets the bed. To overcome incontinence is to wear diapers. One of the challenges of using diapers is how to reduce the frequency of changing diapers so that activities are not disrupted and can save costs.

Goinsert provides a solution to the challenges mentioned above. Goinsert is a diaper layer inside or abroad, better known as Insert Pad, which has the same function as diapers, namely absorbing urine (urine). Goinsert is worn together with diapers; You can use adhesive type diapers or pants type.

With the 2-Piece System or 2-Ply System, using diapers with layers of diapers in Goinsert will make you calmer and safer when sleeping or when you are in a place or situation where it is difficult to access the toilet, such as during travel, meetings, events, ceremonies, etc. or other activities.


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  • Extra-long length of 59 cm inner diaper layer available just right to cover the body optimally from front to back. Suitable for men and women with thin/slim and big/fat body postures.
  • Super Absorbent material and a design structure designed with the latest and modern technology skin surface always remains dry and reduces the risk of rashes or skin irritation.
  • To prevent side leaks, Goinsert is designed with elastic side supports along the seam.
  • Made with latex-free material and feels soft like cotton, to provide comfort and prevent the risk of friction on the skin.
  • Estimated absorption capacity is large enough to accommodate up to 900 mL of urine.
  • 24pcs per pack/ 8packs per carton


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