About Us

Incontinence is a common and distressing problem, frequently having a large impact on quality of life. Caregivers don’t know what diapers to buy. Family members forget to restock at home and need to make runs to the supermarket frequently. The diapers are packed in bulky boxes that are a pain to bring home or take up too much space.

When we first floated the idea of working with adult diapers, we received more than our fair share of raised eyebrows and diaper jokes. People didn’t think we were serious, or had little faith that we really wanted to make a difference in the incontinence industry.

At Diapers Direct, we all come to work with a very simple mission, to be the Navy SEALs of the diaper world and improve the quality of life of people affected by incontinence. By assembling a small elite team of dedicated specialists, we want to make diaper shopping and incontinence care as simple and as painless as possible. All so that we have more time to spend on things more important to us.