SENSI Adult Pant Diapers - Maxi

SENSI Adult Pant Diapers - Maxi

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Fits and Feels like regular underwear, extra soft and high absorbency for active lifestyle. It is latex free. They are been used by medical institutions, professionals and customers world-wide, serving people with incontinence problems with satisfactory results.


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  • Soft Cloth-Like Material to ensure comfortable feel and healthy skin
  • Double Layer Super Absorbent absorbs quickly to ensure dry feel with the Inner Layer locks fluid to prevent leakage and odour
  • Extra Barrier Leg Cuffs offer highest protection against leaks
  • Air Circulation System maintains the freshness of the skin to avoid moisture and irritation
  • Comfortable Fit with its' Anatomical shape design
  • Easy Tear-Away Sides which allows for easy removal and slips off like regular underwear
  • Extra Absorbency
ISO Certified

Available Sizes:

  • Size ‘S’ Pack ( 36pcs per pack ) - Suitable for Waist Range: 20-30 Inch
  • Size ‘M’ Pack ( 30pcs per pack ) - Suitable for Waist Range: 25-40 Inch
  • Size ‘L’ Pack ( 24pcs per pack ) - Suitable for Waist Range: 35-55 Inch
  • Size ‘XL’ Pack ( 18pcs per pack ) - Suitable for Waist Range: 35-60 Inch
  • 4 Packs per Carton
    • Size ‘S’ Carton ( 144pcs per carton )
    • Size ‘M’ Carton ( 120pcs per carton )
    • Size ‘L’ Carton ( 96pcs per carton )
    • Size ‘XL’ Carton ( 72pcs per carton )