SENSI Adult Diaper Insert Pads

SENSI Adult Diaper Insert Pads

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SENSI Adult Diaper Insert Pads is a cheaper alternative to adult diapers. These are highly absorbent slim pads that you can insert into regular underwear and even layering them over adult diapers. When you layer SENSI insert pads over the adult diapers, it will further increase the overall absorbency level.

SENSI incontinence products are used by medical institutions, professionals and customers world-wide, serving people with incontinence problems for years and with satisfactory results.


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  • Highly Absorbent
  • Leak Guard to prevent leakage
  • Lift off from diaper with Ease
  • Comfortable to Wear
  • Fast Absorbency
  • For Moderate to Heavy Incontinence
  • Absorption Capacity: >1600ml
  • 10 pcs per Pack
  • 12 packs per Carton ( Total: 120 pcs )
ISO Certified

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