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Adult Diapers
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Introducing our subscription package for adult diapers. Gone were the days where you need to remind yourself and spend precious time queueing to buy adult diapers. With our subscription package, you just need to subscribe once and we will do the rest. We will deliver the adult diapers directly to your home either on weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, no more waiting in line or forgetting to buy, leave the hardwork to us. Choose and Subscribe the Package you want now, all packages include Free Delivery directly to your doorsteps.

We are going to restock our SENSI Adult Pant Diapers very soon. Please feel free to contact us directly to request for samples today, let us know which size do you prefer. Choose from size Medium, Large and Extra-Large. You can reach us at +65 6100 3427 or email us at


Free Delivery for orders over $60


  • Wetness Indicator to let you know when diaper has reached its' maximum capacity
  • Non-Woven Top Layer with Acquisition Distribution Layer (ADL), enables fluids to distribute and transfer faster to the absorbent panel without flow back. Giving longer lasting comfort and dryness.
  • Refastenable Tape-Tab system with printed tape zone allows multiple adjustments without losing adhesive strength or compromising diaper integrity.
  • Standing Cuff guards allows for better fit and prevents leakage.
  • Odour Control
  • Super Absorbent Gel
  • Soft Non-Woven Outer Cover for improved comfort and modesty.
ISO Certified
Available Sizes:
  • Size ‘S’ Pack ( 12pcs per pack )
    • Suitable for Waist Range: 27-45 Inch
    • Absorbency: 900ml
  • Size ‘M’ Pack ( 10pcs per pack )
    • Suitable for Waist Range: 29-47 Inch
    • Absorbency: 1200ml
  • Size ‘L’ Pack ( 10pcs per pack )
    • Suitable for Waist Range: 33-52 Inch
    • Absorbency: 1500ml
  • Size ‘XL’ Pack ( 8pcs per pack )
    • Suitable for Waist Range: 35-55 Inch
    • Absorbency: 1600ml
  • 12 Packs per Carton for all Sizes
    • Size ‘S’ Carton ( 144pcs per carton )
    • Size ‘M’ Carton ( 120pcs per carton )
    • Size ‘L’ Carton ( 120pcs per carton )
    • Size ‘XL’ Carton ( 96pcs per carton )

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